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On April 4–9, 2020 the Spin Foundation is hosting a Diversity Leadership Summit in Aspen Colorado in Rashaan Salaam's honor. The summit will bring together 25 inner city Teens and six Law Enforcement Officers representing: Denver, Lakewood, Boulder, Ridgeview, Aurora and Edgewater Police Departments. “Let’s Have A Community – highlighting self expres- sion and diversity” is five days of skiing for the Youth and Officers, provided by the Aspen Ski Corporation, during the day, with work- shops, using the charac- ter education curriculum Street Cred, in the after- noon dealing with attitudes, perceptions and ideas for future relationship building once youth and of- ficers return to their communities. A way to bring both parties out of the neighborhoods and into the mountains; providing a fun and awe-inspiring envi- ronment for building a better understanding.We’d like to think that anything is possible for our young people. But truth is, for many youth, hopes for a viable future can be very limited and with current racial division and pervasive attitudes of indifference hope is even more diminished for so many of our young people.